How does using Cytotec in different ways influence the results?

It seems so easy to abort the pregnancy, but it is not. Even though medical abortion is an easy process, this painful process requires a lot to deal with. Women with an unplanned pregnancy can choose to order Abortion Pills and get the fetal particles terminated easily. Women having gestation of up to 9 weeks can use those medicaments and clear the uterus without any complication. 

Well, when it’s about abortion, women need to consider various things and one of them is gestation. Incubation should be taken care of, if you fail to know the right gestation period, using Abortion Pills doesn’t stand as an option for you.

The right to use Abortion Pills

Women who wish to have an abortion need to learn a single thing, the length of the pregnancy. Women whose gestation period is more than 9 weeks are never prescribed with Mifeprex and Cytotec tablets. If the pregnancy is developed more than 9 weeks, using those tablets is difficult. They do not cause withdrawal effects, but some other consequences such as the incomplete conclusion of pregnancy can be experienced. 

Mechanism of Abortion Pills

There are two types of tablets involved in the process. The primary one is Mifepristone, while the secondary one is Cytotec and helps women to expel the fetal particles from the body. The use of both these remedies helps women to dispose of the pregnancy during the initial stage. 

While women are guided to use Mifepristone and Cytotec, the process begins with Mifepristone early Abortion Pill. Once, you’re done with the administration of Mifepristone, wait for 24 hours, then use Cytotec Abortion Pill for an abortion.

The use of a secondary tablet causes a contraction to the uterus and flushes off the pregnancy parts from the body. 

Different methods of administration that influence the result of abortion


This is the trusted way, but it's not prescribed by most health care providers. This is an FDA-approved method but the problem is there are chances women might throw the pill and this is likely to cause an effect on the working of the tablet.

When you’re recommended to use Abortion Pills buccally, you need to use place them in cheek pouches and this is to be dissolved in the mouth with the help of saliva.

This process helps women to end the pregnancy smoothly.


The use of Cytotec tablet is done vaginally too, and this helps women to get the embryo particles disposed of. The use of this Abortion Pill is to be done vaginally and they’re to be administrated deep in the vagina and this helps women to get the pregnancy parts disposed of. 

How does the method differ and influence the results?

Once you online order Cytotec tablet, the method to use should be followed properly. The vaginal method and buccal method do influence results. The buccal method might cause the Abortion Pills to throw again and this makes it difficult for the women to get effective results. If it's been an hour after the consumption of Cytotec, you’re likely to have all the symptoms of abortion.