Does abortion hurt a woman?

Well, there are different definitions of hurt. If you talk about hurting emotionally as well as physically and mentally, then YES, abortion does hurt. To come to the point straight, women need to know using online Cytotec tablets or undergoing a surgical abortion, both do have an impact on your health and affect your overall health.  Women just need to know there are a few pros and cons that affect your health too, while you undergo abortion, but the pain that you need to bear is never the same that you have had during the periods

Physical hurt due to abortion

Well, this hurt is not actually hurt, but is a physical pain that occurs when you go through the process. The cramps and the contraction that is caused are something that hurts you and one needs to take care of these things. Well, while you go through the process, you can seek help from a medical provider and use them when you end up feeling too many cramps. Well, if you undergo surgical abortion, having a cramp is possible, but the pain that occurs is not much stronger.

Mental or emotional health

Taking a decision about abortion itself is too stressful that every person can’t handle.

Every woman who chooses to have an abortion needs to take firm decisions. When a woman herself doesn’t want the kid, discounting becomes easy, but when it comes to making a decision due to other situations, women need to go through mixed feelings. Women might feel depressed and guilty and this is the indication that their mental health is getting affected.

Is there is a difference between the pain that occurs post medical and surgical abortion?

Yes, the symptoms that occur post the abortion process are different. The level of tolerance or the intensity of pain that occurs due to the process is different. The use of medical abortion causes much pain as compared to the surgical process. While you choose medical abortion, the use of online abortion pills does shed the lining and expel the pregnancy parts. 

Post using abortion pills, the chances of cramps and pain increase and this makes the process a little painful. Hence, when you undergo surgical abortion, you are likely to tolerate the pain post-surgery. The pain is mild as compared to the medical abortion process.

Also, one needs to know those pain can be well managed under the guidance of a health care provider.

What measures can be taken to avoid the pain?

Well, be it medical abortion or surgical abortion, women are likely to bear the pain. This pain is likely to hit you hard and managing it with some encounter tablets is right. Still, if you want to stick to few natural remedies some of them are,

  1. Do consume easily digestible food as this helps to reduce the tension caused to the stomach.
  2. You can use hot water bags that help you feel relaxed and tolerate the cramps.
  3. Do not perform the activities that cause strain on your stomach, this is likely to cause cramps and pain.