Questions women have on mind regarding sexual life after an abortion

It’s so easy for people to judge women when they land in a problem such as unwished gestation. Women with impromptu pregnancies need to learn that they are responsible for making the right decisions and get rid of the situation. Many women do have a question, whether indulging in sexual intercourse soon after using online Abortion Pills is possible or not. Well, there are many questions that occur and one needs to have a brief idea about Abortion Pills and sexual intercourse.

A couple engaging in sexual closeness is common, but the post has an abortion it’s not recommended.

Some of the questions that occur in your mind include,

Is it safe to engage in sexual intimacy post having an abortion?

Well, it is safe, but only after a certain period. Women soon after having an abortion or while having an abortion are not recommended to engage in sexual closeness. This is something that hinders recovery and affects the individual’s health.

How many days should be sexual engagement be avoided?

Post having an abortion with Cytotec tablets, women can engage in sexual intimacy anytime but post 2-6 weeks of having an abortion. If you don’t want to get into any issue, you can simply choose to seek a green signal from your health care provider and then engage in sexual sessions.

Are there chances of getting pregnant after an abortion?

Soon after having an abortion with online Cytotec tablets, women are likely to get pregnant. Before you menstruate, you’re likely to ovulate and when you engage in a sexual encounter during this period, you end up landing in pregnancy.

Hence, after abortion does prefers using contraceptives.

Is there a risk of having an infection after having an abortion?

While you administrate the Cytotec Abortion Pill online, the chances that your cervix remains open for a few days is more. While you expel the pregnancy parts, the cervix takes time to get back to normal and due to this, there is an increased chance of having an infection.  This is one of the reasons due to which women are always directed to use sanitary pads and not engage in sexual closeness.

What if women do have unprotected sexual intercourse soon after an abortion?

If you end up engaging in sexual sessions soon after having an abortion, you need to look into that you do choose contraceptive methods. You can stick to using emergency contraceptive tablets as they are rescue options when you land in such a situation. Also, if you haven’t taken any precautions, do remember to use those remedies within 72 hours of engaging in sexual sessions.

Can women get pregnant soon after an abortion?

Women having an abortion need to know there are some reasons why women are guided to avoid getting into sexual intimacy soon after pregnancy.

As soon as you abort the pregnancy, you’re likely to pass the conception. After passing the conception, you’re likely to begin ovulation again due to which getting pregnant again is possible. Hence, most of the time, women are recommended to start contraceptives soon after they have an abortion to avoid accidental pregnancy again.