Smart ways to bring your appetite back while you are pregnant

To make your little seed grow into a baby you need to make sure that you do consume good food and maintain a healthy diet during the pregnancy. While a woman is pregnant, she may have a decrease in appetite due to which gaining enough of the weight can be difficult. If you are having a loss in appetite during pregnancy, then have a check on the following list.

Keep the surroundings fresh

Often a decrease in appetite is caused due to a sense of smell and aversion of certain food. Hence, you are suggesting that you do keep your house, especially your kitchen airy and fresh. The appearance of a certain smell can trigger a lessening in your appetite. You can keep the windows open or even you can light the aromatic candles as this can help you settle the smell in your surroundings.

Have small meals

Women may have decreased appetite due to morning sickness or something else. You need to break your large three meals into smaller ones and frequent ones so that it can help your stomach feel settled and you do not feel fuller or uncomfortable. Consuming small meals help you to consume nutrients that you need and also helps you feel energized.


Exercise is a natural way which helps you to increase your appetite. Wait, this doesn’t mean you have to do vigorous exercise. You can do light exercise and this helps to burn out the calories and helps you feel hungry. If you face trouble stomaching food, then under the guidance of the health care provider you can stick to a bit of exercise.


Same as small meal snacking can help your stomach to feel better as well can help your appetite to boost. Consuming light foods that are high in protein like almonds helps you reduce morning sickness and nausea. In order to consume proteins and avoid a decrease in appetite and keep your stomach settled this is the best way. 


Water is the best solution that helps you deal with every pregnancy problem from fighting headaches to get cramps and transporting the nutrients to the growing baby. If our stomach is empty throughout the day you can feel a further decrease in the appetite and hence to avoid this you can increase the intake of water.  An empty stomach can result in an upset stomach and causes you to decrease in appetite. Consume as much as the water you can so that it can help you maintain a proper balance while you are pregnant. 

Ginger tea

Ginger is known for its stomach-settling and anti- nauseous properties and is amongst the highly recommended method to deal with the decrease in appetite. Consuming ginger or ginger candies are the best way which can help you deal with settling your stomach instantly. 

Women those who are pregnant have a loss of appetite but those who order Misoprostol and choose to terminate can even stick to these remedies. Even while having termination women have the symptoms of pregnancy and due to this and many of the reasons they do not feel to eat or intake anything which can result in weakness. Hence, following the same remedies can help them to recover from an abortion.