Should access to medical abortion be made mandatory?

There are situations when women do end up getting into various issues. Well, nothing bothers the most than the issues related to reproductive organs. Women who end up having issues related to the unplanned pregnancy need to act quickly to get the results and start life again. Well, there are millions of women who choose to order Abortion Pills, but these pills are not easily accessible due to some or other reasons. Hence, there is always a debate behind the use of Abortion Pills in every country.

The reasons that make Abortion Pills mandatory

Health issues

Some women do end up having medical issues due to which women need to abort the pregnancy rather than continuing it. Women do have various health issues and the one diagnosed with the previous disorder and if the disorder continues to be an obstacle, women are not guided to continue the pregnancy. This makes access to the MTP kit tablets mandatory.


There are cases of sexual abuse and women do not prefer continuing such pregnancy due to which women do prefer discounting the pregnancy.

Hence, women who have gone through sexual abuse need to access the MTP kit and get rid of the pregnancy.

Careers and education

Women who are career-oriented, prefer education and career and this is something that makes women decide career and education first and hence, the need for abortion becomes a necessity.

Choosing danger methods

Well, one of the reasons behind letting women choose Abortion Pills or access the MTP kit is the harm caused to the internal parts.

Women who end up not accessing the medical facilities are likely to contract or choose harmful methods that cause harm to the reproductive organs. Hence, women need to have access to the safety measures of abortion.

While there are so many reasons, people need to understand that choosing or taking any decision with regard to the reproductive organ is of women. The pro or con is completely bared by women due to the reproductive parts being her. Hence, women need to learn the right measures and access the MTP kit or Abortion Pills if their law permits.

The smoother way to have an abortion

Women having an abortion need to know there are certain instructions to be followed while administrating the tablets and include,

Starting the process with Mifepristone 200mg from the MTP kit. This primary medicament helps to depart the incubation smoothly.

Once the primary tablet from the MTP kit is administrated, women need to wait for a day or two and then use the Misoprostol Abortion Pill from the MTP kit.

The use of both medicaments helps women have a smoother abortion and get rid of the spontaneous situation. 

Should Abortion Pills be made easily accessible to women?

Yes, there are certain conditions as mentioned above that require women to end the pregnancy. Hence, women who do not wish to continue with the pregnancy simply need to undergo an abortion. Accessing or purchase online MTP kit should be made easily accessible to women to help them get rid of the unplanned situation.