What should women know about Endometriosis?

The reproductive organs of women are designed in such a manner that they can bear periods as well as childbirth. Some women also bear the most painful abortion. Having an abortion with online Cytotec tablets or surgical methods, but causes pain in women. There are millions of decisions that one needs to make but when it comes to making decision-related to the reproductive organ, women need to consider so many aspects. There are ample reasons to take care of reproductive health.

One of the concerns in women is Endometriosis and one needs to be careful with everything and whatever condition occurs.

Endometriosis is a condition wherein the tissue similar to the tissue within the lining of the uterus grows outside. Endometriosis usually involves the fallopian tube and ovaries and even the lining of your pelvis. These tissues don’t spread beyond the pelvic organ, but one needs to act soon on it. 

With endometriosis, the tissue-like thing thickness breaks down and bleeds during each menstrual period.

Usually, those tissues don’t find a way to get expelled from your body and they get trapped. Women having endometriosis are likely to have severe pain and especially during menstrual periods. At times, the conditions are worse and women might have infertility. 


Usually what helps women know about this condition during the initial stage include,

  1. Pain during intercourse
  2. Women having endometriosis are likely to have pain during intercourse and this is an indication of symptoms.
  3. Infertility

While this is common, women having infertility treatment are usually diagnosed with endometriosis as the first instance behind infertility.


Women who have cramping and pain even before the seven days of starting the periods. Women have abdominal pain as well lower back pain and seeking help during this period is common.

Excessive bleeding

Women who have occasional heavy bleeding or bleeding in between periods are likely to have endometriosis

Pain while urinating or bowel movement

Usually, these symptoms do occur while you have bleeding during menstrual periods.

There is nothing with regard to do with pain. Some women do have pain while some women with no pain too are diagnosed with the same issue.

Risk factors

Whenever a disorder occurs in a human body, its because of some or another condition 

  • Going through menopause periods
  • Heavy menstrual periods which last for more than 7 days
  • Reproductive tract abnormalities
  • One or more relatives with a history of endometriosis
  • Having a higher level of estrogen or exposure of the body to a higher level of estrogen for a longer period
  • Short menstrual period, i.e. less than 27 days


Ovarian cancer

Women with endometriosis are more likely to have ovarian cancer and this is one of the reasons why women are recommended to take utmost care of their reproductive organs. There are various risks involved when you end up having endometriosis, but diagnosing at the right time becomes necessary.


There are chances of infertility in women when they end up having endometriosis and this is something to bother about. Women having moderate endometriosis can still conceive, but need to check the possibilities under the guidance of a health care provider.