What happens to periods or menstruation post-abortion?

There are millions of women who undergo abortions every year and they wonder how will their body return to normal? Well, one needs to know that abnormal levels in the body of a woman affect the menstrual period. Post use of online Abortion Pills, your menstruation might get delayed a bit or might occur early. Also, post-abortion, women need to know that those tablets are genuine and work effectively to help women get rid of the pregnancy.

Several cases occur wherein women are worried about the menstrual cycle and will it return or not is another case for them. Well, the cycle takes a few months to get regular but one need not worry much. The time required by your pregnancy to return completely depends upon how long you had gestation. Also, at times it depends upon the type of abortion you have.


Abortion is a simple process wherein women can end spontaneous pregnancy with the help of medicaments or surgery. In this event, the pregnancy is flushed out from the body in the form of bleeding and clots.

The best way to choose the method is by seeking advice from a health care provider. 

Some of the things that help you choose the prices include

Surgical abortion

A well-known method, used for years is performed only under the supervision of a health care provider. This process is performed only if the gestation period is more than 9 weeks and should be performed only under the supervision of a health care provider. Initially, when you have periods post use of Cytotec tablets, it will be lighter and might last for a shorter period.

Medical abortion

The use of Mifeprex and Cytotec anyways makes it difficult for you to perform the chores and this should be well managed with the help of remedies. Women do have to tolerate the cramps and the clotting during an abortion. Post-abortion the periods are a bit heavier as compared to the normal one and you need not worry, just keep monitoring the bleeding.

What changes are experienced by women post-abortion in the first period?

Well, if you have to order online Cytotec Abortion Pills and expelled the fetal particles from the body, you might have periods within a few days or months.

Post-abortion with Abortion Pills, irregular menstrual periods become less hurting and the periods are heavier on the normal days.

If you experience heavy bleeding during the menstruation period, you simply need to seek help from a medical professional.

Returning of flow

A normal menstrual period is not a problem, but irregularity is. The reason behind having an irregular menstrual period is hormones. Even after pregnancy, the hormonal changes do take time to get back to normal, and hence you need to be a bit careful with it.

  • Irregular flow
  • Well, menstrual periods post-abortion may not hit you hard. 
  • Women who have a surgical abortion, expect a shorter period
  • If the first or initial periods are heavy post-surgical abortion seek help.
  • Women having medical abortions need to expect heavy bleeding and longer flow.