Which infections can affect you during your pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there are lots of things that are to be considered. Well, if you fail to take care of the pregnancy, it goes for a toss. While few eagerly continue with the pregnancy, others prefer to order MTP kit, and get rid of the pregnancy during the first trimester. Well, few things are to be taken care of and these are few mandatory things. If you have a pregnancy, then knowing about the infections that can affect your health include,

Bacterial vaginosis

Well, if you’ve been pregnant, having this issue is common. This is a common type of vaginal disorder and is experienced by women during the reproductive age. Also, having this issue does mean, you might get contracted to sexually transited disorders. This disorder changes the balance of bacteria and creates room for bad bacteria. If you have vaginal vaginosis do check once with a health care assister, and get the disorder managed well to avoid the complications later.

Fifth disorder

This is caused due to human parvovirus, type-B19. Well, this disorder is diagnosed in children and is likely to spread from one person to another. The person having such a disorder does end up having a fever and red cheeks. Well, there is no such evidence that indicates the effect on pregnant women but miscarriage might occur. Also, there are no such treatments available that can help one manage those disorders. Hence, one needs to thoroughly wash hands and conduct some tests on a regular basis.

Genital herpes

Well, this is a disorder that usually affects women if they conceive later. The chances of infecting an infant increase. Also, the risk of infection during the delivery increases.

Herpes infection in a newborn is a severe case and causes life-threatening situations. 

For women, if have had genital herpes in the past, continuing with the medicines helps to manage the outbreak and reduces the risk caused to the fetus.

If women do have active herpes sores then instead of going into labor normally, C-section is recommended to reduce the chances of infection passing to the infant.


Syphilis do pass from the mother to the fetus during pregnancy. This infection increases the risk of stillbirth, preterm birth, and in a few cases, it is likely to cause death after birth.

If this condition is left untreated, having problems in the development of the organs can be experienced. Women who end up having pregnancy are recommended to undergo the tests to know about the disorder.


This is a German measles that occur during pregnancy and is likely to harm the infant by causing birth defects. During pregnancy, women are recommended to get vaccinated for those issues. Also, your health care assister is the right person who allows you to know more about those remedies. 

Infections are something that might occur during any period and hence, one needs to look into that they choose when to seek help wisely. Women can constantly seek help from an expert during pregnancy.