Controlling Your Birth Cycle Just Gets Easier

NuvaRing is a tiny, flexible Vaginal Ring that is used to avoid pregnancy. You put it in for three weeks, pull it out, and replace it a week later. When used as instructed, it is just as effective as the pill, and you don't have to think about taking it every day.

What Is the Function of NuvaRing?

Purchase NuvaRing online that can be worn for up to 5 weeks. Depending on the ring schedule you choose, you pull your old Ring out of your vagina and replace it roughly once a month. If you desire, you can also use online NuvaRing to safely skip your period.

What Is a Vaginal Ring and How Do I Use It?

  • It's comparable to using a tampon. Take the following steps:
  • Hands should be washed and dried.
  • Squat or stand with one leg on a chair or lie down with your knees bent.
  • Remove the ring by opening the foil. If you use disposable rings, you can preserve the foil wrapper you used to wrap them in and discard it later.
  • Place your thumb and index finger on the ring.
  • Pinch the sides together so that they meet in the middle.
  • Insert the ring as far as it will go into your vagina.
  • You can buy Tampon-like applicator when you order NuvaRing online to make inserting it easier. Alternatively, you can place the ring in an empty tampon applicator.

To remove the ring

Place a clean finger in your vagina and hang it around the ring border. Gently pull the ring out, place it in the bag provided, and discard it — do not flush it down the toilet.

The ring should be easy to remove. 

If you have any bleeding or pain, or if you can't get it out, contact a doctor or nurse right away.

You don't put a new ring in for 7 days after you take the old one out (1 week). This is known as the ring-free interval. You may have period-like bleeding during this time.

Insert a fresh ring after 7 days without one. Even if you're still bleeding, insert the new ring. Leave this ring in place for 21 days before repeating the process.

While the ring is in your vagina, you can have a lovemaking relationship and use tampons. You and your partner may feel the ring during lovemaking time, but this is not hazardous.

What else should you be aware of regarding the Vaginal Ring?

The online Vaginal Ring will not protect you against STI's.

Condoms are safe to use with the online Vaginal Ring.

You do not need to remove the Vaginal Ring for intercourse.

It's a good idea to write down the date or set a reminder on your phone for when your Vaginal Ring needs to be replaced.

Contraception comes in numerous forms, including the Vaginal Ring online.

Need to note

Your doctor would most likely advise you to check for the Vaginal Ring on a frequent basis, such as before and after intercourse. If a ring breaks, discard it and replace it with a new ring.

While using a Vaginal Ring, you can use a tampon. However, do not use a diaphragm as a backup method of birth control while wearing a Vaginal Ring because the ring may interfere with the diaphragm's implantation.

While using the Vaginal Ring, your doctor may advise you to have your blood pressure checked once a year.