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NuvaRing-Non-consumable and easy-to-use contraceptive method

Contraceptive methods are the precautions that help one to avoid pregnancy. This is one of the simplest and easiest methods that allows for preventing pregnancy. One might be aware of contraceptive pills, here is something known as NuvaRing. You can buy NuvaRing online as a non-consumable and flexible remedy replacement for oral pills

  1. Active Element: 0.12mg Etonogestrel and 0.015 Ethinyl estradiol
  2. Manufacturer:
  3. Form: Device
  4. Packaging: Packet
  5. Strength: 0.12/0.015mg
  6. Uses: prevents pregnancy

NuvaRing 0.12mg/0.015mg

No of Units Price
5 Ring $150.00
12 Ring $300.00
20 Ring $400.00

About the Vaginal Ring

Before you order online NuvaRing applicator out of curiosity, you need to know a few things about this remedy. Well, NuvaRing is a combination of estrogen and progestin hormones available in vaginal ring form.

It is a stretchable plastic device consisting the lower doses of estrogen and progestin to ensure sexual intimacy doesn’t lead to pregnancy. This is a hassle-free method assisting women in always keeping a track of their pills. 

The working mechanism of the application

NuvaRing hormones consist two types of combined hormones- progestin and estrogen. As said, this is a gadget that can be placed once in your vagina and one need not worry about the same. Using this applicator allows lowering the chances of conceiving.

It slowly releases the hormones and helps to manage the functions performed by any other contraceptive measures. Once the ovulation is blocked, one can guarantee the pregnancy doesn’t occur. 

Dosage and usage of the remedy

As it is not available in tablet, or capsule form, one needs to insert this ring and it releases the chemicals that perform their duties. The ring, on average, releases 0.12mg of etonogestrel and 0.015 Ethinyl estradiol per day. Therefore, women need not worry about the regular administration, it stays in place after the right administration. 

Once you place this device, you need not worry for 3 weeks. After a gap of 27 days, remove the device and place a new one. If you’re having menstrual periods, do remove the device and do not continue the same NuvaRing applicator. 

Usually, women do have a question- I can feel my NuvaRing with my finger? Yes, it is a device, it can be felt whenever you douche the vagina. Even after NuvaRing insertion, you can keep a track of the device by checking it with your fingers. Do it cautiously to avoid misplacing or hurting yourself.

Also, if you’re removing the device, do not keep it out for more than 3 hours.

Things to know about the administration

As said, this device stays in your body for 4 weeks, here are a few things that you must know about the administration. 

  1. Before and after intercourse, check the ring is in its place
  2. Remove and insert carefully to avoid the misplacement 
  3. Once you insert it, do not remove it for 21 days, and then keep a gap of 1 week
  4. Even if your periods haven’t stopped, you need to consider using it at the same time when you inserted it last month. 


The use of these contraceptive measures causes few possible effects accompanied by negative ones. The negative symptoms or signs include nausea, headache, bloating, breast tenderness, or weight changes. Those are the mild effects that can be experienced by women post using this remedy. There are a few other serious side effects that should be taken into consideration and including dark urine, continuous spotting. Missed periods and hypertension. 

Any impact that occurs should be treated under the supervision of an expert. 

Limit the use if

  1. Women do have medical conditions related to blood clots, heart attacks, stroke, and high blood pressure
  2. You’re likely to develop some irregular irritation post using the NuvaRing for the treatment.
  3. While using this treatment ensure you consider knowing about the allergies you have. 
  4. If the age of women doesn’t permit, refrain the use
  5. If you already have a pregnancy, consider avoiding the usage of this remedy. 
  6. If you have a habit of smoking, consider not using this NuvaRing applicator usage. 


  1. Before you purchase NuvaRing online, you need to know, the methods to keep it hygienic. 
  2. Even after menstruation, this device should be used consistently. 
  3. No other device can fix this device. 
  4. While NuvaRing insertion, you’re likely to experience light bleeding and this is common


How soon does this applicator come into action?

On the 5th day of your period, you need to use this birth control applicator. If you use it later, you need to use the other protective methods to ensure pregnancy can be blocked. Hence, for the first week, if you fail to use it soon after your periods, you need to use a condom. 

Can my partner too feel the Ring?

One who buy cheap NuvaRing online and use it might bother about its feeling to the partner. Usually, during intercourse, your partner can feel it, but this doesn’t cause any reported interruption. 

Is NuvaRing better than a pill?

Both are effective if used as mentioned on the leaflet of the products 

Can one remove it at night and administrate it in the morning?

Once you place the NuvaRing applicator, you do not have to remove and insert it constantly. If you feel uncomfortable, consider using the pills. Removing the device from the body for more than 3 hours can increase the chances of pregnancy. 

Will my periods stop after administrating this applicator?

You might miss your periods, or skip a schedule. As it contains hormones, one need not bother much. If it’s been more than once, you need to seek assistance. 

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