pregnancy prevention with Loette  
Are you the one who are going through the mental trouble of making a choice between a pleasurable sexual life and unwanted pregnancy? Well, this is a really small problem as with the aid of Loette, an oral contraceptive attaining a happy love life without getting pregnant can be achieved only through a simple measure of consuming a medication.
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Mechanism of Action : Loette is a drug combination of two hormones namely ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel that carry out the process of pregnancy prevention in a broad way by targeting either one or the entire three pathways. The drug initiates its action by inhibition of the process of egg release, causing alteration in the lining of the uterus or by changing the cervical mucus consistency. Hence, by this way it results in a sure shot prevention of pregnancy and makes you free from mental trouble.
Dosage : The dosage pattern of this miracle contraceptive pill is very simple, which should be consumed once a day and usually at the same time every day. Loette has a standard dosage that includes taking a single pill per day which should be initiated on the day one of your menses and continued till the 21st day. After the 21st day, non hormonal tablets once a day is recommended to be taken for the following 7 days.
Advantages : Loette is not only an apt pill in preventing pregnancy but is also comparatively safer than its other counter medications. This miracle pill has also been found to effectively cure moderate acne complication in women, who failed to achieve optimal results from other acne medications.

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