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Yasmin- The Answer To Prevention Of Pregnancy Before It Occurs

When women land in problems such as unwished gestation, they regret the decision of not using birth control remedies. While there are debates concerning the safety and other parameters of using emergency tablets, you need to understand the need of using contraceptives. 

Buy cheap Yasmin online is a hormonal birth control pill used to block the mating of sperm and eggs to start the pregnancy procedure. This remedy contains two different remedies-estrogen (Ethinyl estradiol) and progestin (drospirenone) assisting to prevent pregnancy.

The use of this birth control pill ensures you do not end up getting pregnant, decreases the blood flow during the menstrual periods, and decreases the chances of ovarian cysts.

  1. Active Element: Ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) and Drospirenone (progestin) 
  2. Manufacturer:
  3. Form: Tablet
  4. Packaging: Packet
  5. Strength: 0.03/3mg
  6. Uses: prevents pregnancy

Yasmin 3mg/0.03mg

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105 Pills $168.00

The working mechanism of Yasmin to block the pregnancy

Women who order online Yasmin pill need to understand the function of the tablet to consider its use. As soon as you administrate this medicine, it releases both the chemicals in your body and functions by thickening the muscus and the lining of the uterus.

Once the uterus lining gets thick, the sperms are unable to reach the eggs and the fertilization process gets hampered. Here is a short break to make you understand the process. 

  1. Eggs aren’t released to stop the ovulation
  2. Fluids around the cervix are thickened to restrict the entry of the sperm into the womb
  3. The lining of the womb is thicker making the implanting tougher.


Every woman is not prescribed to buy Yasmin online from the e-store or over the counter. Certain risks don’t allow one to do so.

Before you try this pill, know whether you’re a suitable person to use this contraceptive pill or not. Below is a list that doesn’t permit you to use this contraceptive pill

  1. Diabetes
  2. Liver or kidney issues
  3. Breast cancer or history of the same
  4. 35 or 35+ years
  5. Blood pressure, blood clot, clotting disorder, and heart disorder
  6. Problem with kidney or liver
  7. Migraine
  8. Recent surgery
  9. Sickle cell anaemia
  10. Allergic to the compounds in the pill to avoid the pregnancy


There are several restrictions one need to know before purchase online Yasmin pill to prevent pregnancy. Ensuring you do follow all the restrictions becomes necessary to avoid further compilations. 

Here are some medicines that might interact and cause negative symptoms. 

  1. HIV medicines
  2. Arthritis Remedy 
  3. Fungal infection medicine
  4. Epilepsy
  5. High blood pressure pills

You can check the medicines you use under the supervision of an expert. 

Impacts to be cautious about

The use of Yasmin birth control pill leaves few mild and serious side effects and includes, 

Common effects
  1. Vaginal discharge
  2. Mood changes
  3. Feeling sick
  4. Changes in your periods
Uncommon or rare effects
  1. Hair loss
  2. Skin reaction
  3. Fluid retention
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Hearing problem
  6. Increased risk of blood clots
  7. Change in libido
  8. Change in blood pressure

Any effect that seems to be usual or takes a toll on your health avoids the usage. 

Consumption pattern

Knowing the right consumption or administration is the right method to let the contraceptive or birth control measures function well. Yasmin emergency contraceptive pill pack made available to millions; the efficiency fails when the consumption pattern is compromised with. 

  1. Take the pill every day at the same time, gulp it with a glass of water
  2. One needs to use it for 21 days, take a break of 7 days, and start the next packet after the 7th day
Note: Even though you’re not on the pill for 7 days, you still have increased chances to prevent the pregnancy. 
Missed dose facts
  1. If you miss a single dose or start the new strip later, you need to take the missed pill as soon as you remember. 
  2. Even though you miss consuming a tablet, you will be protected from unwanted pregnancy. 
  3. If it has been more than 2 days and you have missed the dose, you might need to choose other methods to protect from gestation. 

Is Yasmin an emergency contraceptive pill?

No, this is not an emergency pill, it is a contraceptive or a hormonal pill that causes few changes in the body to prevent pregnancy. This pill is to be consumed without any break continuously straight for 21 days to ensure the fertilization process is not innated. 

Do not confuse this contraceptive pill with an emergency pill. As this medicine is to be used even before engaging in sexual intimacy. 


Alcohol consumption

The intake of liquor interacts with the pills to reduce their efficiency.

Drug interaction

While you’re on online Yasmin pills, you need to avoid the consumption of other medicines that interacts and causes negative impacts. 


What is the core function of the online Yasmin birth control pill?

This tablet is used to prevent pregnancy. It works by blocking ovulation and assisting to manage the mating process of sperms. 

Do these contraceptive pills have any impact on your appetite?

The consumption of this medicine doesn’t cause any impact on your appetite. The use of this remedy only affects the water retention in your body and doesn’t leave any impact on your appetite. 

When should one order online Yasim pill for use?

On the 1st or 5th day of your period, to get protected from pregnancy, you can start using this tablet. Additionally, when you use this medicine, you will experience shorter periods. 

Does the use of contraceptives affect your libido?

Yes, few women experience increased sexual desire. 

Does consumption impact your sleep?

Yes, at times you might experience daytime sleepiness. Hence be cautious with the activities you perform. 

Can you get pregnant if you miss 1 pill?

Yes, the chances of getting pregnant increase even if you miss a single dose of Yasmin pill. 

At what age should women stop using birth control pills?

Females are not recommended to buy online Yasmin pills once they cross the age of 55 years. 

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