Use of Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are a medication, which is used to prevent women from getting pregnant. Even though the success rate of this medication is quite high, but it won't be able to protect you against sexually transmitted diseases and other such type of diseases. It is one of the best birth control pills that will help you prevent unwanted pregnancy in future. But, it is better to consult your health care provider first, so that he can conduct a physical checkup to consider that you are not pregnant. Once it is confirm, then he may prescribe a birth control pills for you, so that you don't get pregnant after having unprotected sex.

Danger of taking birth control pills without prescription

Never take such type of birth control pills without prescription, because I'm case you are pregnant and you take this pills, the chances of fetus removal, conception imperfection, stomach ulcers can occur. In some cases it is found that uterine break has happened, of such type of medication is taken with other medication. This reaction can be not only dangerous to the unborn infant, but it will be life-threatening to the mother of the infant too. Hence, it is very important to make sure that you first consult your health care provider, in order to confirm about negative result of your pregnancy test.

If you have found that you are pregnant than make sure to first let you doctor known about it and never take Misoprostol or such type of other medication, as it can result to some of the problems related to uterus like stomach ulcers, birth defects in the in fact, removal of the fetus and more. These birth control pills are meant to stop serum from getting in touch with ovaries, so the chances of miscarriage are high, if in case you take such medication at the time of pregnancy.

Prerequisite before taking birth control pills

  1. Your pregnancy test should be negative that should be done two weeks before to start these birth control pills. It is very important to get this test done, so that this type of medication can be started without worrying about any side effects or any serious heart issues later on.
  2. Clear any of the doubts beforehand about the use of Cytotec, so that you don't have to face any type of complexion later on. It is better to acknowledge yourself about the birth control pills that have been prescribed to you by your health care provider, so that you would also know about its pros and cons to safeguard your own health.
  3. If you have any type of medical condition or medical history, then it is even important to let your doctor know about it, so that he can decide whether or not to start this medication for prevention of unwanted pregnancy.
  4. If you are under medication for any health issue or for fitness reason, then it is important to let your health care provider know about it. Sometimes such type of birth can't control pills reacts with other medication resulting into hazardous health issue for the women who is in taking it.
  5. There are a lot of online pharmacy stores that sell such type of birth control pills, but choose the online pharmacy store which is licensed and has got the permission to see such type of pills. If they ask for the prescription, then you can buy your medicine fro there without any worries. It is better to check their background before buying any type of medicine from it.