Nowadays abortion is said to be the most ordinary process everywhere and in each country. About 30 to 40% of women end up doing abortions. Abortion is said to be carried out by each and every group of women some are unmarried, poor, rich, teenagers or even children’s. In the states like United States of Kingdom and such similar states abortion has now become a very common activity where as in some parts of the world this activity is still not considered to be a legal act. Abortion is also known as termination of pregnancy.

TYPES- Abortion is of only two types. Basically they are spontaneous and induced abortion. Spontaneous abortion is said to be an abortion or termination which occurs on its own. It is very commonly known as Miscarriage. There is no need of undergoing any surgery for this as miscarriages happen on its own. The reason can be either the ill health of the lady or when she is aged. The numbers of people who face miscarriage every year are too much. It can sometimes be heartbroken for the people who expect their child to come into existence. Sometimes miscarriages occur for the good sake of the lady.

Another type is the induced abortion. Here people undergo various procedures to abort the child. There are many reasons why a child is been aborted some of them are a rape case, unprotected sexual intercourse, unwanted pregnancy, etc. More and more people are made aware about using protection while having any such sexual activity. It can at least reduce the number of abortions.

Abortion was first illegal everywhere. When there could have been a severe need then abortion was carried out under doctor’s surveillance. But after this act is announced to be completely legal, the number of abortions has increased. It is quite heartless of a person to abort the child who did not even come into existence yet. We cannot deny the fact that every lady has got the right to live her life and especially when it comes to her health. Many cases occur where the doctor is forced to abort the child as bringing him into existence would bring the women’s life to an end, so in such cases it is always preferred to save the women instead of the child even if she is willing to have the child in her life.

PROCEDURE- Abortion is possible through two ways one is a surgery and the other one is through medication.

The number of surgeries done earlier was too much as there were no possible medications to solve this purpose. But now many such medicines were introduced to solve the purpose of abortion.

Surgical abortions are good enough but include a lot of charges which is not affordable by many of the people. People who can afford a surgery for each abortion can go for it but the numbers of people who cannot manage to pay for a surgery are more in number. So to solve this purpose medicines such as Mifepristone, MTP Kit were introduced which included a complete pack of abortion. Abortion is now easily possible with the help of these medicines at home itself. You need not go to the hospital again and again and spend a lot of money over a surgery. It is quite simple to carry out an abortion at your home but make sure you consult your doctor before having such pills and be well aware about its possible consequences. Do keep a person along with you while carrying out this activity as you might faint or face certain side effects which can lead you to trouble but only if you are alone. Do not worry after hearing about the side effects as they are just temporary. Once the purpose is solved you can get over these side effects very soon and continue with your normal life.