Almost each and every person nowadays is well aware about abortion. It is a process where the child is terminated that is the foetus is removed from the womb of the mother due to several other reasons.

Abortion is of two categories-

Natural or Unplanned abortion- This kind of abortion means a spontaneous abortion or an abortion which occurs naturally as stated above. Here the child is aborted on his own that is the womb is emptied in the form of heavy bleeding. There are several reasons why this occurs. It happens probably because the women must be suffering from certain disease or disorder or probably because of her age. This kind of abortion is very commonly known as Miscarriage. Such miscarriages are quite heart breaking. They disturb the mental health of the lady. There are many dreams involved along with the child who is about to come into existence. In some cases the women causes harm to her mental as well as physical health too. The patient should take good care of herself while facing a pregnancy and should not indulge into the work which can harm to the child you did not even see the world yet. So be very careful if you do not want any complications in your pregnancy. Take good care of yourself.  

Induced abortion- Induced abortion means an abortion which is done on purpose. Here, the child is been terminated on purpose due to several other reasons. The foetus is removed from the womb and disposed off. Such acts are said to be as inhuman as it is sad to abort a child before him or her coming into this world. Many people abort the child because the pregnancy is unwanted which means if a sexual activity is carried out without using any kind of protection it leads to a pregnancy. Later on people rush to the hospitals or go for specific pills to terminate the child. This should be stopped and more and more people should be made aware of protection tools so that abortion gets decreased in number.

Abortion can be done through two possible ways one is through a surgery and the other one is with the help of certain medicines.

A surgery is suggested to only those ladies where the pregnancy reaches to third semester that is it reaches to its last stages. Here no medicine can help out but a surgery can. Such surgeries are quite risky. It can cause you severe disorders or probably sometimes death. So before you go for any such surgeries do consult your doctor and do make such decisions early do not delay when it comes to an abortion. Late abortions can be dangerous for the life of both child as well as the mother. Late abortions done through surgeries are okay but when the pregnancy is at its initial stages people mostly prefer going for abortion pills. The reason is because a surgery costs a lot whereas a medicine is of lower cost so more and more people apt for a pill rather than a surgery when it comes to abortion.

Another way through which abortion is possible is through medicines. Many medicines have been generated nowadays to cure severe disorders. Abortion is possible with the help of abortion pills. The most common and effective pills which are mostly preferred and advised by the doctors are Mifepristone and MTP Kit. Abortion pills carry less cost plus one does not needs to travel much for an abortion. Such abortions are possible at your home itself. It is always advised to visit your health advisor before taking such pills. Make it sure that they do not harm your health and if by any chance you see any negative reaction because of these pills then immediately rush to the doctor.