There are millions of women across the globe that faces an unwanted pregnancy. The decision of pregnancy should be taken only when you’re ready for it and not in a hurry as it involves a lot of hearts and hopes with it. An abortion is something which means terminating the child from the womb of the mother that is terminating the embryo or foetus from the womb of the mother. There are several ways to perform the required activity. But before that you should know the types of abortions.

It is categorized into two basically spontaneous and induced abortions.

A spontaneous abortion is well known with the name of miscarriage which occurs due to the bad health of the lady, or when she fails to take good care of her as well the child inside her. One should undergo a complete body check up before thinking of any such decision. Once you decide make sure you do not backup unless you got valid reason as nobody has the right to kill the other person or the child who did not even come into existence. Miscarriages are painful as it is not something which occurs with the will of the mother or family it occurs on its own. The baby is discarded in the form of heavy bleeding. It has happened many a times that the lady is not even aware of the miscarriage. This only happens when the pregnancy is at its initial stages and the baby did not progress much inside the womb.

Second one is induced abortion which is a task happening due to the will of the person. The women or the family agree to do so or the couple decides it because of not using any protection while having any sexual activity. If proper protection is not used it only leads to pregnancy so it is always asked to use protection before carrying out any such thing to at least decrease the number of abortions as more the abortions done to a lady, more is the risk of her health to get spoiled. Nobody would say anything when it comes to a lady’s health. If the pregnancy is giving trouble to the lady and is causing harm to her health, then she has got all the rights to abort it.

Surgery, vacuum surgery or medications are some of the ways through which abortion is possible. People have got many choices now to chose which one would be best preferable for them. People prefer according to their will power to pay. A surgery should be preferred only when the pregnancy is crucial and dangerous otherwise if you want a normal abortions then always go for a medicine. Surgeries include a lot of charges. Not everybody can afford to pay such amounts to terminate the child so in those cases medication is the best possible way. It does not include heavy costs of travelling as well as operations. You only need to pay a little amount to solve the purpose. It is quite convenient as you need not go to any hospital or clinic for that. You only need to buy the abortion pills and have it with normal water and abortion is possible at your place itself. But you need to consult your doctor about each and every detail regarding the abortion. Abortions are sometimes delayed for a while if the person is liable to certain disorders. If these pills are taken then it might cause harm to your health so keep visiting your doctor and keep informing him about each and every detail.