Abortion is an act where the child in terminated without him or her coming into the world. There are a lot of causes behind doing an abortion. While going for an abortion he person should first make sure that she is pregnant. She should be completely sure about her decision of terminating the child so that the person should not regret after doing the required activity. The partner should be consulted before an abortion that is each and everything should be discussed with him as there is not only one person involved behind it. Many people have their hopes or dreams with a pregnancy of a woman so such decisions should not be taken alone and should be discussed properly with the family as well as with your respective doctor.

FEW CAUSES BEHIND DOING AN ABORTION- There are many reasons behind doing an abortion. It is done mainly when the pregnancy is unwanted that is the person does not uses proper protection tool while their sexual activity. This should be stopped. More and more people should be made aware of using certain protection to avoid such unnecessary deaths. People should be educated or told to use it before carrying out a sexual activity. It will help decrease the number of abortions. Another reason behind an abortion is rape. When a girl is been raped, such a pregnancy would be stated as unwanted. In those cases she needs to do an abortion.

Abortion is said to be an act which is quite inhuman. Just because it is declared legal in many parts of the world doesn’t means that people should take it for granted and continue doing it. People should be made aware of things through which abortion can be decreased. If you do not have any intensions of bringing the child into existence then kindly do not go for a pregnancy.

TYPES- Abortions are of two types that are Natural and Induced. A natural abortion means miscarriage. This occurs due to the ill health of the lady. One more reason is not taking proper care of the child. If you have decided to get a baby then why ruin up your pregnancy by doing things which can be harmful for the health. Miscarriages are heart breaking. The woman, man and probably the whole family have their hopes up with this pregnancy. It is heart breaking to know when such miscarriages occur to the lady and the child is terminated forever.

Another one is Induced abortion. This type of abortion means that the baby is terminated from the womb of the lady on purpose. It is done when the pregnancy is unwanted and the lady does not wish to keep the child. Many a times the reason behind this kind of pregnancy is probably not using a proper protection. The health of the lady comes first and she has got all the rights to take her decision. Sometimes it happens that the pregnancy is giving problems to the lady. In such cases the child has to be aborted to keep the lady in good health.

There are two ways through which an abortion is possible. One is through a surgery and second is with the help of medicines. A surgery is mostly recommended when the pregnancy reaches to its middle stage where a pill cannot possibly work. Surgeries are not affordable by many people. It includes a lot of charges which is not possible for a common man to give. So to solve such purposes abortion pills were invented. These pills are said to be better than surgeries. You no longer need to go to the hospital to end a pregnancy it is possible at your house itself.