Abortion pills are those pills which helps a person to terminate her pregnancy without the role of a surgery in it. Abortion pills are said to be the best for aborting the child compared to a surgery. The reason is simple that an abortion done at home provides a person complete privacy. She no longer needs to go to the hospital to terminate the pregnancy. A surgery costs a lot as it includes all the charges such as the hospital charges, nursing charges, the doctors fees as well as the cost of the medicines which needs to be taken after the abortion is done. Every person is not too rich to afford such abortions so many people go for abortion pills. They find these pills the best cure as compared to a surgery. Abortion pills are cheap in cost. They do are of good quality but have got the minimum possible rates. So people generally prefer taking the abortion pills rather than going for a surgery. Surgery is the best option only when the pregnancy becomes old that is when there are very few chances of aborting the child. This happens when the pregnancy reaches to its last stage. In those cases advising an abortion pill would not be a good idea so doctors advise to get operated for an abortion when the pregnancy is at its last stage.


Abortion pills work efficiently causing no harm to health for a very longer period of time. These abortion pills involve two major ingredients or components which are said to be the main reason why abortion is possible so efficiently. Mifepristone and misoprostol are the two important components which make sure that the pregnancy gets terminated easily. Abortion pills are nowadays the most preferred pills. Doctors also prescribe these pills for a safe abortion.


The dosage of these pills depends upon the age of the person, the time period of the pregnancy which means whether the pregnancy has reached to its first, second or third semester or trimester. If you want the best results just as the doctor said then do follow the rules and safety regulations told by the doctor. If you follow the doctor’s rules then you can experience the expected results. The pills itself come with a manual which says how to use it.

Make sure you do not face some severe side effects after having these pills. If you feel some problems with the pills then do consult your doctor immediately.


Every medicine has its own side effects provided how severe the disease is. There are certain side effects such as heavy bleeding, nausea, faintness, etc. These side effects are said to be quite normal as they do not last for a longer period of time. Once the medicine becomes familiar to the body it does not reacts much when intake. Make sure you keep a person along with you when carrying out this activity as it might cause harm to you for a small period of time but you should have somebody along with you till then.