Waiting period-unnecessary hurdle in abortion

Waiting for periods before an abortion is preferred to give a relevant data to the service provider and policy maker of the respective states. This helps them to understand the effect of waiting periods before using abortion pills. Every state has made a law that women should abort only when she is physically and mentally ready to do so. Patients should have the capacity to make a decision regarding health care. The period before abortion which known as the pre-abortion period is the period wherein women are been counseled and is been given an appropriate information about abortion. It is been suggested that the time period between counseling and abortion should be of 24 hours and can exceed to 3 days. In some states, counseling is given via mail, phone, internet, and fax. It is suggested that you should consult a doctor twice before abortion period. Women should never delay having abortion care because it may affect the reproductive health of the women. The waiting period is unnecessary and not even science-based it creates hurdles and also delays the abortion which may sometimes risk the life of the women. In most of the cases, it is found that counseling and waiting for periods create hurdles like abortion less accessible. In a waiting period, it is only and only necessary to give a relevant and appropriate information to the patients.

Most of the abortions are only done with the decision of women. Waiting period only increases the gap between it. A survey was conducted in the U.S in the year 2008 which showed that 92%of the women made their mind to have an abortion before an appointment. Even 99% of women were sure to have an abortion out of which 98% were sure with having an abortion is better than having a baby. According to the survey, it is also noticed that counseling before abortion had a negative effect on the mind of the patients.

As according to the law it is necessary to have two trips to health care provider it cost more to the patient and also creates a hurdle between abortion processes. As it is a lengthy process the termination is delayed and it also increases the delay in abortion care.

Abortion or termination is most preferably done till 7 weeks of pregnancy. Termination is done with abortion pills. This abortion pill has two doses which are mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone pill is to be consumed so that it breaks the lining of hormones which helps in pregnancy. After 24hours of consumption mifepristone, misoprostol is been consumed which helps to clean the uterus. After consuming mifepristone it is suggested to wait because without the dose of misoprostol it is impossible to clear the uterus.

There are many countries that are making it a law to increase the waiting period to 72 hours which may even create more risk in life. They are increasing the waiting period so that some of the women can change their decisions and quit this option. Waiting period before an abortion is the option for the women who are not completely sure with the abortion but the women who are confirmed with abortion may have a risk. Women are been forced to wait for a longer period to have an abortion.