How to resolve weight issues after an abortion

How much of us know that there is a change in women’s body after abortion? The answer to this question may be no for most of us. This is because most women haven’t experienced the termination of pregnancy. Globally, there are millions of abortions undertaken every day. There are various reasons to have an abortion in women such as unprotected intercourse, missing of regular contraception pills etc. In such case, women can buy abortion pill kit online only after doctor consultations. At times because of financial constraint, you can also buy cheap abortion pill online.

Under different circumstances, women think of aborting the pregnancy and easily buy abortion pills online. Thus, women also ask for a question related to the body changes that will occur after termination of pregnancy using abortion pill.  There are many changes that mostly occur after abortion. After the abortion, it is very difficult for every woman both mentally and physically to tackle the changes.

 It is observed that there are sudden changes in body weight of women after termination. There is also a concerning issue of continuous bleeding after abortion which is possible in both the cases of using abortion pill or undergoing surgery, which is also found post delivery. Hence, it becomes very difficult for them to cope up with the situation. According to the research, the physical changes in women body after aborting pregnancy will leave most women shocked.

Here, we come across some of the physical changes after early termination of pregnancy. They are as follow:

•             Cramping

•             Bleeding and spotting

•             Swollen and sensitive breast

•             Sudden weight gain

•             Body back pain

•             Painful intercourse

•             Affects menstrual cycle

•             Constipation problem

•             Unusual discharge of vaginal

•             Bloating of stomach

After you have used abortion pill kit and had a termination, most women are worried about the weight issues after termination of pregnancy. Hence, most women ask for how to deal with sudden gain or loss of weight after termination. There are some effective ways through which we can maintain proper body weight after aborting the pregnancy. Reducing of belly fat will take some time but it will provide you with the safe and effective result.

Ways to reduce weight

There are many food products that need to be avoided and some products need to be consumed in order to reduce weight especially after a termination using abortion pill. Some of the ways to reduce weight or belly fat are mentioned as follow:

•     Consume lower quantity of carbohydrates

Consuming more carbohydrates leads to increases in fats of the body. Hence, you need to avoid carbohydrates or consume less of it if you want to lose your weight or belly fat.

•     Consume green tea

Green tea helps to increase metabolism in your body. It is best used for reducing belly fat from the body. Green tea contains antioxidants which help to lose weight loss. It has a great effort in reducing belly fat and losing weight. Hence, it takes time but also helps to maintain proper body weight and shape.

Way to wrap belly :

Wrapping of the belly is most effective and ancient way to maintain abdominal muscles and abs of the body. It maintains toning of the belly with the help of compression belts used. Also, women can also make use of their dupatta or any cotton cloth to regain the same size of the belly as it was early. This method helps in regaining the old size.

Simple tips to lose weight:

•             Simple and regular exercise such jogging, yoga etc

•             Avoid sugar, oily food and all products that have large amount calories and fats.

•             Also, avoid meat, mutton such items in your diet.

•             Eat more fruits and green vegetables as it contains iron, vitamin, and minerals