Important facts about surgical abortion

Women have options to terminate her pregnancy. The first very option is medical abortion wherein women buy abortion pill to terminate the pregnancy at home. The second option for termination is surgical abortion.  The surgical abortion depends on the stage of pregnancy. The surgical procedures are lengthy and can even cause infection, this is the reason why abortion pills are used. Before you get into a surgical abortion you need to undergo an ultrasound to confirm whether your pregnancy is ectopic or uterine.

Types of surgical abortion:


Aspiration is a surgical procedure which is also known as suction aspiration. This procedure is conducted to terminate the pregnancy of 6 – 16 weeks of gestation.

You will be asked to lie and vagina will be opened with the help of speculum. You will be given anesthesia to numb the cervix. Then TENACULUM, a instrument is used to hold the cervix in place so that cervix can be dilated by inserting an absorbent rod. As the cervix gets opened CANNULA (long plastic tube) is inserted in the and pregnancy parts are been removed. This procedure takes only 10-15 minutes after this you will be required to rest for and your gynecologist will provide you with antibiotics so no infection is caused

COMMON SIDE EFFECTS: nausea, cramping, sweating and feeling faint.

Severe side effects: prolong bleeding, blood , damage to cervix, infection due to aspiration abortion like pain, fever, abdominal tenderness


This procedure is performed after 16weeks of gestation. Synthetic dilator will be inserted your cervix before 24hours of the actual procedure. On the next will begin, TENACULUM is used to hold the cervix and fetus and for dilation cone-shaped rods of increasing size will be used. The cervix will be numbed and it will be checked that whether fetal death has occurred or not. A long tube will be inserted so that tissues can be removed from the lining of the fetus. A surgical instrument called curette is used to scrap the lining so that residuals can be removed. This process will take 15-20 minutes and you will be provided with medication to counter infection. Misoprostol can be used to dilate the cervix during the second trimester

COMMON SIDE EFFECTS- nausea, bleeding, cramping will last for 2 weeks

SIDE EFFECTS- damage to uterine lining, infection and lot of clots.

Abortion pills have a positive side in which if it is consumed within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy then it doesn’t create any severe side effects like damage to the cervix. In case of abortion pills it is also easier to conceive for the next pregnancy early.


This procedure is used after 21 weeks of gestation. In this laminaria will be first inserted in your cervix to make it dilate before 2days of the procedure and on the third day your water will break down. As the water breaks down the forceps are inserted to create a small incision at the base of the skull to allow a suction tube get inserted. This tube removes the cerebrum of the brain and makes the skull collapse and after this fetus is completely removed.

COMMON SIDE EFFECTS: bleeding and cramping

SIDE EFFECTS:  damage to the uterine lining, infection.

This process though takes less time but have higher risk factors like infection and damage to uterine lining which can prove to be fatal. Hence it is recommended to have a abortion at early stages and this is the reason why the number of customers who buy abortion pill online is increasing every day.