Pro-life and Pro-choice Spectrum for Abortion

We all have different opinions and feel about abortion. These opinions fall under two different categories of the spectrum. This fall in the spectrum of legal opinion that makes abortion legal. Those who have a well-defined position on abortion can categories in three categories,

Pro-choice opinion:

Pro-choice believers are individuals who believe that every individual has unlimited autonomy with respect to their own reproductive systems. Pro-choice believers say that the woman should be able to buy online Abortion Pill and have access surgery. Pro-choice is a movement that was done in 1973 for the legalization of abortion in the USA. Most of Americans and members of American Supreme Court believe that all women have the complete right to the abortion.

Abortion was initially done by the surgical method, but nowadays it is done with the help of medicines too. First Abortion Pill was invented in the year 1988 in France under the brand name Mifepristone.

Recently, anti-abortion movements have gained a lot of popularity because of which many countries have legalized the abortion.

Pro-life opinion:

Pro-life believers are those individuals who believe that abortion is and a right option and are strictly against of abortion. They believe that they have a responsibility towards the embryo and they must protect it. They also believe that there should not be any constitutional right or choice for abortion.

However, there are some who believe that there should be an exception for those who are rape-victims or for women whose pregnancy has been reached up to the higher risk to their health.

Because of American public sentiments and pro-life believers, Abortion Pills were not introduced in the USA till 2000.

Banning such abortion has led to wrong abortion methods. This has increased riskier to women’s lives. A survey has shown that the areas where more options of birth control and reproductive choice are available for women freely have a lesser amount of pregnancy termination.

Many areas from where is not possible to access such treatment can buy Abortion Pill online to terminate a pregnancy at home.

Medical abortion a safe option:

Medical abortion is supported over surgical abortion. Surgical abortion involves the main method D&E i.e. dilating evacuation abortion. This is done by dilating the cervix and scratching the fetus from the uterus or by suction method. Abortion ends a life, but performing such methods also endangers a woman’s life, therefore, it is opposed in many countries. Whereas medical abortion does not involve any such method, therefore, it can be a wise option to choose.

Not everyone who believes that abortion banning is a correct option, it is applicable in all situations. In some cases where a woman has the following conditions should not use the Abortion Pill

  • If you have a history of more than 5 pregnancies
  • If you have a pregnancy outside the uterus 
  • Using intrauterine device
  • Have breathing problem
  • Have uterine infection
  • Have cardiovascular problems

One should avoid the use of the Abortion Pill in this situation as the use of Abortion Pill this condition can harm their health.