Watch out the nutrition deficiency during pregnancy

Congratulations! Now you are pregnant and now you need to have a healthy diet. Many times, women do end up the pregnancy using online Abortion Pills but there are women, those who even continue unplanned gestation and then give birth to the child. As the pregnancy grows, women do require to take care of herself and other things that can help women to fulfill all the deficiencies.

Below mentioned are the pregnancy deficiency that can be experienced by women


At least 50% of pregnant women around the world do not get enough iron. The deficiency of iron in women does result in anemia. Mom-to-be are likely to have anemia and this can increase the risk of infection, preeclampsia, and bleeding. Also, if women do continue to have iron deficiency, newborns are likely to have iron deficiency and have issues such as premature birth, death, and low birth weight. As there are iron deficiencies during the birth, the infant remains anemic for the first year the infant is likely to have developmental issues.


When a woman gets pregnant, her body demands thyroid hormones and this is an indication that indicates the requirement of iodine. If one does have iodine deficiency, then women are at the risk of having a miscarriage or other issues such as neurological or psychological impairments. We do get a lot of iodine from iodized table salt and cow’s milk. At times women are put on a low-sodium diet and when such is a condition, the risk of having iodine deficiencies. To fulfill the iodine deficiency one can simply add foods like prunes, eggs, cod, and seaweed. 


During pregnancy due to a decrease in Vitamin B9, women’s body is likely to demand Folate. As the micronutrients are essential for the growth of the fetus, it has become necessary that one does consume Folate. The proper consumption of folate protects the unborn infant from neural tube defects that can harm the spine, brain, and spinal cord during the early development of the fetus. The consumption of Folate can be increased by consuming liver, dark green vegetables, broccoli, bananas, peas, and many other food items that can help you make up for the required Vitamin B9. 

Vitamin D

The deficiency of Vitamin D during gestation can affect your child’s peak bone later in life. One needs to consume Vitamin D in adequate proportion so that it can help women to have a safe pregnancy. Vitamin D in fortified milk and cereal is the one that helps women to consume a proper amount of Vitamin D. in case if required, women are prescribed with Vitamin D and this helps women to deal with the deficiency of Vitamin D.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiencies increase the risk of preterm birth. Also, lack of Vitamin B12 makes the women tired and exhausted and at times this can make have the major symptom of B12. If you are missing these micronutrients then ensure that you do consume your intake eggs, meat, poultry, and dairy and get required Vitamin B12. 

Vitamin C

If women are low on Vitamin C, the weight gain becomes one of the complications. Hence it is necessary that one must maintain a healthy pregnancy and consume as much as Vitamin C possibly. Consumption of Vitamin C or citrus food is the best option that can help one to make up for the Vitamin C.

There are a number of deficiencies that can be experienced by women during pregnancy as one needs to consume for two people. Eating habits are to be improved so that they can help women to make up for the essential pregnancy. If women do not wish to continue with the pregnancy then opting for online Mifepristone is the best option