How to deal with PCOS in a natural manner?

Women’s reproductive organ is designed in a manner that a new infant can start taking its breath in the womb. Sometimes, hormonal changes do not let women conceive and cause many problems. One of the toughest problems that can be experienced by women includes PCOS. Usually, women with PCOS require online Abortion Pills to terminate the pregnancy as they’re likely to have ovulation anytime. This creates a problem and women need to be sure that they do choose some reliable remedies.

PCOS can be treated well if you focus on the root of the problem, and not Band-Aid solutions. One must follow the right measures as are included below:

Be calculative while consuming calories

Keeping a track of how many calories are necessary, but when you consume calories too should be taken care of. Consuming calories at the right time can help to control glucose, testosterone, and insulin and this helps to solve infertility issues. Women having PCOS can consume the majority of calories during breakfast. This helps to improve the insulin level and the glucose levels in the body get decreased. Following this tip, helps to decrease the testosterone level by 50%. Hence, women are guided to include 980 calories in breakfast and 640 calories in lunch, and a minimal 190 calories in dinner.

Consume enough magnesium

Women having PCOS are likely to have symptoms of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, heart disorder, and other problems such as stroke and diabetes. Women having a low level of magnesium may often have diabetes and hence one must improve insulin sensitivity. 

Intake Omega-3

Omega-3 has various health benefits and this can be done by intaking Omega-3 rich supplements. Fish oil or Omega-3 supplements, decline the androgen level in women. Also, some studies prove that only 3 grams of Omega- 3 a day can help to decline the testosterone concentration in the body. 

Include Calcium and Vitamin D

There is a number of reasons that affect PCOS and one of them is BMI. It was suspected that women who have supplemented a daily dose of 1500mg of metformin accompanied by Vitamin D and calcium have experienced an improvement in BMI. Also, the menstrual abnormalities and other symptoms were improved. Hence, whenever you wish to include supplements, ensure that you do consult your health care provider.

Decrease advanced glycation end products (AGEs)

Women having PCOS are likely to have an increase AGEs level in the blood and this happens when the glucose binds with proteins. This whole process causes degenerative disorder and aging. Hence, women are recommended to include the food in a diet that helps to reduce the insulin level and reduces the impact of PCOS.

Processed food or animal-derived food can be cut down to increase the chances of the development of PCOS.

Boost the chromium

Chromium is one of the essential minerals that help to regulate blood sugar levels and insulin in the body. Even diabetic patients are sometimes recommended with chromium supplements to decrease blood glucose levels.

A woman with PCOS needs to ensure she does take all the measures that help to reduce the impact of PCOS on health.